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When will AusAir products be available?

The AusAir team has been hard at work finalising the details of our mask. In December 2018 we received our first trial batch, tested the product and locked in the manufacturer. We're now preparing our crowdfunding campaign, which will begin this year. To gain early-bird access and discounts, please sign up to our mailing list.

    How much does shipping cost?


    Shipping is free on orders over $60AUD, anything less will be calculated at checkout.

    What is your refund process?

    During the website pre-sale, we will be offering all customers a full refund at any time. After the pre-sale, we will offer a 2-year limited warranty on all products. 


    What mask size is best for me?

     Please refer to our size guide for instructions.


    How should I store the mask?

    Avoid storing the mask in humid areas or in direct sunlight. Each mask pack purchase comes with a carry bag, we recommend keeping the mask in the bag when not in use. 


    How should I store the filter?

    The filters can be left attached to the skin. To keep the filters hygienic, avoid removing extra filters from sealed packaging until needed. 


    Can I wash the mask?

    The outer skin can be washed like an item of clothing. Machine wash using cold soapy water. The valves are made from aluminium and silicone, we recommend rinsing these by hand. We do not recommend washing the filters as this will affect filtration performance, rendering them ineffective.


    How do I know when to change my filter?

    Our filters can last up to 4 weeks depending on use. The filter will become clogged with particulate matter from usage, making it harder to breathe.

    We recommend replacing it before this point however for hygiene reasons.


    Have you tested your mask?

    Our mask has been lab tested and has shown to exceed Australian respiratory protection standards, offering more protection from PM 2.5 and higher breathability.

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