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Our Commitment: 2021 Pledge For The Planet

Our Commitment: 2021 Pledge For The Planet

We Are Here to Make A Stand

Caring for the planet and the people on it is at the very heart of AusAir. We were founded on the simple belief that everyone deserves to breathe safe air. We want to be the best in the world, whilst being the best for the world.

Our pledge is to make sustainability and environmental awareness a part of every aspect of what we do. That is why, wherever possible we are committed to the implementation of sustainable practices, like using natural materials in all our products, pledging to become a carbon neutral company and driving down excessive single-usage materials and packaging.


We Are Ready For the Challenge

We take up this challenge wholeheartedly. Merino wool, copper, upcycled ocean plastic; these are the raw, natural materials AusAir is dedicated to using throughout the design of our products. We know designing, manufacturing and shipping our products across the globe comes at a cost to the environment. We can’t be committed to raising awareness of the dangers of air pollution whilst consciously contributing towards it. That is why we partner with Carbon Neutral Australia to plant enough trees every year to reduce the carbon footprint of AusAir HQ. We want to tread lighter, giving more than we take from this planet.


We Are Making Progress

We’re already making progress. Our box packaging and mailer bags are 100% recyclable. Our mailer bags also meet rigorous FSC social and environmental standards, made from certified materials which contribute to taking care of the world’s forests. All our mask skins, stainless steel valves, and silicone components are reusable, meaning they don’t get added to the trash after use. Our replaceable filters have a longer lifespan (~28 days) than traditional filters (~1-2 days), combating the single use culture of this disposable age.

Since 2017 we have been developing great relationships with our trusted suppliers, we work hard to verify each member of our supply chain in alignment with the world’s best ethical and environmental practices. We’ve made a commitment to work with ethically conscious freight forwarders and fulfilment teams to increase our efficiency and minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. This means we avoid any wasted space in our shipping containers by sharing them with other businesses' goods. We’ve designed our cartons strategically so as to optimise space and eliminated any need for filler material within the cartons as a way of improving our footprint.

We Are Looking to the Future

We know we aren’t perfect. We have work to do and lessons to be learned but embracing sustainability, for the good of our planet and its future, is how we plan to keep working and striving towards success. This is only the beginning.


Read our full 2021 Pledge for the Planet here.

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Vera. T

Vera. T

How exactly are you planting trees?



Glad to see your company is looking out for the environment – David

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