Delivering New Life to the Great Barrier Reef

Delivering New Life to the Great Barrier Reef

Our Partner

As part of our ongoing effort to be a company that positively impacts the planet and the people on it we have partnered with The Great Barrier Reef Foundation for the launch of our Climate Blue Mask. Every time a Climate Blue mask is purchased, we will donate to help replant coral in the Great Barrier Reef.

The GBR foundation works in alongside researchers, scientists, and conservationists to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing the reef. One of their most exciting initiatives is the Coral IVF project, which aims to restore damaged and degraded coral reefs using advanced reproductive techniques.


Groundbreaking Innovation

The Coral IVF project is a groundbreaking effort to use in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to breed and grow coral larvae. These are then raised in nurseries until they are large enough to be transplanted onto damaged or degraded reefs.

Coral only spawns once a year in a natural phenomenon that has been described as an underwater snowstorm with millions of tiny little dots being released into the water. During this event researchers capture the coral eggs and sperm from healthy reefs to rear millions of baby corals in specially-designed enclosures on the Reef before delivering them back to restore coral islands.

The Coral IVF project is an innovative solution to the problem of coral bleaching and other forms of damage that are affecting the Great Barrier Reef. Coral bleaching occurs when coral expels the algae that live within its tissues, turning it white and making it more susceptible to disease and death. Rising ocean temperatures, pollution, and other factors are contributing to an increase in coral bleaching events around the world, including on the Great Barrier Reef.

By using IVF to grow and transplant new coral colonies, the Coral IVF project is helping to restore damaged reefs and preserve the biodiversity and ecological balance of the Great Barrier Reef. The project is also an important step towards developing new techniques for coral restoration that could be used in other parts of the world where coral reefs are at risk.


Building Resilience Throughout the Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is also involved in many other initiatives aimed at protecting and preserving the Great Barrier Reef. These include research into the causes of coral bleaching, efforts to reduce pollution and other environmental threats, and programs to educate the public about the importance of the reef and how they can help to protect it.

The foundation is also involved in supporting Indigenous communities in the Great Barrier Reef region, who have a deep connection to the reef and its ecosystem. They work with Indigenous leaders and organisations to develop sustainable tourism programs that promote economic development while protecting the environment, as well as initiatives to conserve and manage natural resources in the region.


Making a Difference

Through innovation and action, The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is pioneering new ways to protect the most vulnerable areas of the Reef. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but at AusAir we are committed we’re making a difference every single day. By purchasing our Climate Blue AirWeave Merino Mask you are helping to breathe new life into the coral islands around the Great Barrier Reef, building resilience and restoring habitats.

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