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“We believe there shouldn’t be a choice between being the best in the world and being the best for the world. Our goal is to provide people protection from air pollution, without contributing to waste pollution.”

improving australia’s biodiversity

partnering with carbon neutral

Part of our mission is to positively impact the environment at scale. That is why at the beginning of 2021 we announced a partnership with Carbon Neutral to replenish Australia’s biodiverse habitat through the planting of native species. Get involved here.

material science


AusAir set out on a mission to create the most sustainable, reusable mask in the world whilst improving performance. The result of this project is the AirWeave Merino Mask, a high filtration mask built using sustainable and reusable materials that simultaneously increased all performance metrics relating to filtration efficiency and breathability. Learn more about AirWeave Technology here.

The hidden cost

The economics of sustainability

Sustainable materials can be more costly than less efficient virgin synthetics. But what is the cost of tons of plastic being dumped into the oceans every year?

Well there’s an answer, and it’s about $13 billion in economic damage to marine ecosystems every single year by plastic pollution. This includes costs such as cleaning up beaches, reduced tourism, and significant impacts on the fishing industry.

But negative externalities don’t just cost the economy and the environment, they also have impacts on people’s health. Learn more.

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