100% Natural Australian Eucalyptus

AirWeave Zero Eucalyptus Filter Packs

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Made from sugarcane, the ZEROᵀᴹ filter provides >99% filtration against viruses, bacteria and ultra-fine particles (PM0.1 & PM0.3), and more. Infused with 100% natural Eucalyptus botanicals—Radiata & Citriodora—for a refreshing, energising experience.

Size: Medium
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Our Medium and Large sizes are designed to fit almost all adults. It's hard to go wrong with either size.

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Pack Size: 3 Filters | 60 Days of Use
Key Features
Long Lasting Filters

Each filter provides up to 20 days of effective filtration.

>99% Filtration

Certified VFE, BFE and PM0.1 filtration efficiency.

Australian Eucalyptus

100% natural Eucalyptus sourced from Australian farms.

Biodegradable Materials

Filter media uses 100% biobased materials

Ultra Holdᵀᴹ Nose Wire

Our next generation anti-leakage system.

Made From Sugarcane

Filter media is made from sugarcane pulp.

filter technology

20 days per filter

The ZEROᵀᴹ filter provides up to 20 days of effective filtration, reducing your reliance on single use materials.

UltraHoldᴹ NOSE WIRE

Next generation UltraHoldᵀᴹ nose wire system creates the perfect seal, preventing glasses fog and air leakage.

>99% Everything

ZEROᵀᴹ filter media is certified to filter >99% of viruses, bacteria and PM0.1.


All materials in the ZEROᵀᴹ filter media are AS4736 certified, the most stringent composting standard in the world. This means that both will biodegrade ≥90% in less than 180 days in composting facilities and become nurient-rich soil.


Sourced from Bonsurco certified sugarcane mills and breaks down to nutrient rich soil; the ZEROᵀᴹ filter media is designed to benefit the environment from beginning to end.


Made entirely from sugarcane, the ZEROᵀᴹ filter media has over a 70% reduced carbon footprint when compared to traditional plastics used to create masks.