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Air pollution is a serious issue throughout the world, and as many as 9 out of 10 people breathe air that exceeds the World Health Organization.

Air pollution is made up of several compounds, toxins, and gasses and includes the burning of fossil fuels and natural pollutants like pollen and dust. Wearing a pollution mask is an important way to help you breathe clean air and protect your health.

protection is necessary

prevent it, don’t treat it

Whether you're in a large city with heavy traffic, commuting on the train or at your office, you are subject to the effects of air pollution. Wearing a pollution mask is an important way that you can significantly limit exposure and decrease adverse health risks caused by air pollution.

take control

not all masks are made equal

Ensure you choose a well designed pollution mask which offers certified filtration to minimise exposure. Don’t wait for the negative health effects of air pollution to accumulate in lungs and bloodstream.

Independently Certified

Greater than 99%

Viral filtration

Superior protection from airborne viruses, decreasing the chance of catching common illnesses such as colds and fevers.

Greater than 99%

bacterial filtration

Exceptional protection from airborne bacteria, decreasing the chance of catching illnesses from an infected person via coughing, sneezing and close contact.

Greater than 99%

pm0.1 filtration

Protect yourself from particulate matter, all the way down to PM0.1, the smallest testable particle size.

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